"Never dismiss a person because of their race or belief, a notion because of their origin, a creative work because of their representative genre."
An enthusiastic storywriter since childhood, Adrian P. has drawn tons of storyboards and comics throughout his school years. He used to believe in kindness that prevails all, happy endings, and good's triumphs over evil.

No more.

During his university years he fell in love with dark stories. Fall of heroes. Worlds where flowers aren't stronger than guns. That was when he decided to be serious about writing, and began his first series: The Silent Assassin. 

His influences include: The Japanese George R.R Martin: Gen Urobuchi, The Great Nihilist: Friedrich Nietzsche, and the father of Realpolitik: Niccolo Machiavelli.

When he's not busy spreading despair and agony in his novel's universe, Adrian P. spends his time learning new languages, exercising, and smiling bright at the beautiful world.